Singing Lessons

Private singing lessons taught in a local singing studio in Beckenham, Bromley, London.

Lessons focus on developing an excellent singing technique, in a fun and supportive environment.  

Susan is also an experienced Estill Master Trainer.


  • We love working with beginners and enjoy helping people build their confidence.
  • Learn excellent vocal technique
  • Develop good breathing habits
  • Improve your range

Focus on techniques including pitch, tone, breathing and performance techniques

Have you always wanted to give singing a go? If so contact us today we’d love to help you

Vocal Vitality offer:

  • One to one lessons
  • Any style or genre covered
  • One-off or on a regular basis
  • Preparation for auditions, festivals, Focus on techniques including pitch, tone, breathing and performance techniques
  • Support for pupils completing Duke of Edinburgh Awards – why not have some singing lessons for the skills element of this award?
  • Gain UCAS points to support university applications – this can be achieved by taking various Graded Singing Exams
  • Group lessons also available please contact for prices
  • Gift Vouchers are available – GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT!!!
  • Lessons via Skype available on request

Singing Lesson Pricing

  • 30 minutes: £25
  • 1 hour: £50
Professional Singing Lessons in Beckenham, Bromley

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“I did it!! I actually managed to get on stage and sang (a bit wobbly) even though I was so scared I thought I would shake myself to bits…… I felt I had nothing to lose, so I really went for it. I’m very proud of myself, and whether I get the solo or not is irrelevant, as the big challenge for me was to actually get up and do it. And the fact that I had the confidence to perform is down to your excellent teaching and encouragement giving me belief in myself. So a big thank you…. this represents a massive pinnacle for me after a lifetime of poor confidence and low self esteem.”


“Thank you for your help in preparing us for the performance at the AmicusHorizon staff conference.  You did a great job coaching a group of 11 directors to sing in front of 900 staff.  Most of us had never sung in public before.  You built up our confidence and the feedback from staff was we delivered a great performance.  This was also a fantastic team building exercise. 

Here is a picture of some of us during the performance.”

“I think its brilliant that I am able to write this without a sense of total panic and that is really down to your expert guidance so I must say a big Thank You for that.
Of course I am not so naive to think that’s it, job done, I can sing, but I do feel a lot more confident now I am at least attempting to sing in the right range for me although a little disappointed it took me 50 years to find out what that was.
Thank you for being such a great teacher and I can definitely confirm your lessons are less scary than having all my teeth out at the dentist.
I guess that’s not the best advert for your skills but if you are interested in feedback on your marketing I picked you out of all the local people advertising for 3 reasons.
a) You looked more experienced than many: I thought I would be a difficult pupil.
b) You had teaching qualifications: I thought you will be trained to teach rather than somebody doing it to fill in between performances.
c) Your marketing included the word “fun”: I knew I would never be an opera star but I thought “fun” might be achievable.”