Singing Lessons in Beckenham

Fact: everybody can sing!

Singing need not always happen in a theatre and with thousands of people watching. Most people whistle a tune or two anytime, anywhere – from songs sung secretly within the privacy of the shower to melodies belted at the top of one’s lungs as a favourite song blares from the car radio.

Singing is for everyone – and that includes you.

Are you considering polishing your natural abilities? Perhaps developing abilities that may be dormant? Do not let doubt get the best of your talent. Vocal Vitality will give you more reasons to book singing lessons in Beckenham.

Singing can help Boost Your Confidence

We believe that singing is a fantastic outlet, and a great way to build your confidence. There are few things as effective as belting out a tune and expressing your emotions through various musical genres, to make you feel better about yourself and life, in general. Once you become more familiar with the basics – like proper breathing, voice placement and the right posture – your confidence will grow and you will begin to believe that you can sing!

When you take singing lessons in Beckenham, you are one step closer to overcoming your shyness. And three or more sessions will definitely unleash the confidence within you!

Cheers to a Happier You

Ask any friend why they sing around the office or in the kitchen and expect them to say that it is because singing makes them feel happier.

Vocal Vitality not only aims to improve your singing voice; we also strive to encourage a heightened sense of well-being through our singing lessons. After all, research shows that singing is good for your physical and mental health. It releases endorphins (also known as the happy hormone), which create that “feel good” factor.

What We Offer

Good singing lessons in Beckenham do not focus on just singing songs. At Vocal Vitality, our students receive exercises tailored to their voice. It is our desire to see our students improve in their singing skills and confidence levels, so we offer different styles for aspiring singers of all ages.

Our lessons start with vocal diagnostics followed by specific technical exercises which address your specific voice concerns. We also advise on suitable repertoire. Of course, the learning process does not end there; we apply tried-and-tested techniques to help you achieve your goals. You can practice the skills you develop at Vocal Vitality to further enhance your vocal prowess! Why not download our Vocal Exercises and get started now!

We offer the following:

  • Individual (one on one) lessons
  • One-off or regular lessons arranged at a mutually convenient time
  • Audition preparations
  • Group lessons
  • Online vocal lessons via Skype (available on request)

Start your singing journey with us today. Get in touch with us to see how we can be of assistance.